Time to SLA

Time to SLA is an IT service management tool that allows teams to easily create, track, visualize, and report on service level agreement (SLA) performance in Jira.

Power Admin for Jira

Power Admin for Jira helps you configure your Jira instance faster with an improved UI and transparent visibility into configuration dependencies and usage of elements.

Configuration Manager for Jira

Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ)

CMJ enables you to create project or system snapshots of Jira configurations and deploy them to new instances, make safe changes to suit organizational needs over time, and gain visibility into how changes impact the entire system.

Tableau Connector Pro

Tableau Connector Pro for Jira

For teams that rely on Tableau for business intelligence and reporting, Tableau Connector Pro for Jira allows you to bring in and report on Jira data in Tableau.

Power Scripts Logo

Power Scripts for Jira

Power Scripts for Jira lets you tackle the most complex workflow automation challenges. It helps streamline processes in Jira with workflow process templates and Jira automation code. This app is for global enterprises demanding agility, governance, and security needs.

Project Configurator for Jira

Project Configurator for Jira lets you manage and migrate data and configurations in Jira Server or Data Center.

Power Database Fields

With the Power Database Fields app, you can import and display data from any database in dynamic custom fields inside Jira.

Power Custom Fields for Jira

With the Power Custom Fields app, you can capture data from anywhere inside or outside Jira and generate insights for better work and reporting.

Announcer for Jira, Confluence, or Bitbucket

The Announcer apps by Appfire let you create custom notifications and target them to the right users in Jira, Confluence, or Bitbucket.

Macro Security for Confluence

Macro Security for Confluence allows only trusted users and groups to edit the content containing restricted macros or disable macros for entire spaces altogether. The resulting rendered macro content is still viewable by other Confluence users.

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