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The ultimate guide to Jira migrations

Industry’s highly seasoned migration experts created this comprehensive resource on Atlassian migrations. This 200-page ebook walks you through the process step-by-step with tips and worksheets for any migration scenario.

The guide to managing Jira configurations at scale with CMJ

Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) is a powerful configuration app that enables you to accomplish all your migration, governance, and change management tasks – all through automation, quick fixes, change and impact analysis, change roll-back, and audit logging.

Accelerate instance cleanup

How a Sys Engineer helped a global leader in home security and automation reduce time spent on instance cleanup by 50%

“Jira and Confluence CLI are power tools keeping you from doing routine tasks or ad hoc projects involving manual repetition. I wouldn’t be able to do certain tasks if those tools didn’t exist.” Darryl Lee, Sr. Atlassian Systems Engineer The challenge We’ve all seen it: as projects evolve and teams grow, Jira instances accumulate more […]

CMJ Scriptrunner demo short

Migrate your ScriptRunner customizations and automations with CMJ

Check out this blog article to learn how to migrate your ScriptRunner customizations and automations with CMJ.

Atlassian Cloud article

Experts weigh in on moving to Atlassian Cloud in 2023

Chances are you’ve heard the news: support for Atlassian Server products ends on February 15th, 2024. The impending end-of-life date for Server has some companies scrambling to migrate, and not everyone is happy about it. But according to leading technology vendors and IT consultants, there are some valuable benefits to shifting your organization to Atlassian Cloud.

Jira migration checklist

Created by Jira rockstar Rachel Wright, this checklist is an excerpt from our newest workbook “The essential workbook for planning Jira migrations”, where her expert advice will help guide your migrations using industry best practices and insider knowledge.

Rachel Wright on The BEST Work Management Show by Appfire

What are some best practices for Jira migration?

“What are some best practices for Jira migration?” Find out in this episode of Appfire Presents: The BEST Work Management Show by Appfire. Rachel Wright joins Appfire’s Emily Peet-Lukes to address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Jira migration.

Atlassian Server EOL

Ask the Experts! Appfire Q&A on cloud migration and Atlassian Server end of life

You’ve got questions about Atlassian’s Server end of life, so we rustled up some answers! To help you prepare for the date support ends for Server apps (February 15, 2024), we tapped Appfire experts, Jira migration expert Rachel Wright, and the information Atlassian’s shared publicly so far.

Jira Migration Best Practices

Ask the experts! Appfire Q&A on Jira migration best practices

Jira migration can be a challenge for any organization. Questions are bound to come up as migration planning and preparation make way. We’ve brought in top industry expert Rachel Wright for a Q&A on getting started and best practices for Jira migrations.

ISOS Tech - Cloud is Now White paper

The essential guide to overcoming migration obstacles and accelerating your transition to Cloud

This white paper by ISOS explores the primary migration options—Cloud vs. Data Center— and what to consider when making a choice. ISOS takes a high-level look at the three top concerns that their clients have shared about migrating to Atlassian Cloud, as well as ways to overcome them.

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