The future of PPM is with BigPicture. Unprecedented clarity of information, support for agile, classic, and hybrid frameworks, strategic alignment at all levels.

Delegated Group Management in Jira

Delegated Group Management in Jira lets you save admin time by delegating group management tasks to trusted team leads. They can add and remove users to specific groups when needed.


BigGantt is a powerful timeline and roadmapping app for Jira. With its slick, intuitive user interface and a host of data visualization and management tools, the app makes planning, monitoring, and managing work with Jira easy and efficient.

Retrospectives for Jira & Confluence

Retrospectives for Jira & Confluence is perfect for running effective Agile Retros in a remote setup with a convenient whiteboards template fully-integrated with Jira and Confluence.

Whiteboards for Jira

Whiteboards for Jira are integrated virtual boards for creative real-time collaboration that lets you run your team’s online activities.

Timesheets for Jira

From a single view, Timesheets for Jira lets you enter time in Jira to create comprehensive time tracking reports to be shared across the organization.

Delegated Project Creator for Jira Logo

Delegated Project Creator for Jira

Delegated Project Creator for Jira lets you empower trusted users to create or request their own Jira projects based on admin-defined project templates.

Custom Dashboards for Confluence

For teams using Confluence as their central hub for collaboration and information sharing, Custom Dashboards for Confluence provides a simple solution to create custom, dynamic dashboards that can be shared with specific teams or users.

Polls for Confluence

With Polls for Confluence, you can get relevant insights and seamlessly schedule events with your team by leveraging multi-choice polls and surveys within Confluence.


The MultiExcerpt app guarantees consistency across Confluence pages to easily share content, all while saving time to re-key information.

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