Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira

Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira enables agents and managers to create dynamic templates that provide predetermined responses, customizable signatures, and automated actions, so teams can be more efficient when servicing customers.

Time to SLA

Time to SLA is an IT service management tool that allows teams to easily create, track, visualize, and report on service level agreement (SLA) performance in Jira.

Chat JSM

Chat for Jira Service Management

Live chat is one of the most popular ways that consumers like to communicate with companies and is key to an omnichannel service desk. Chat for Jira Service Management is a live chat that’s fully integrated with JSM, for faster support request resolution and higher customer satisfaction.

Chat dashboard integration with Canned Responses

Canned Responses offers dynamic and reusable templates for responses to common issues in Jira Service Management and Jira Software. Chat for JSM is a live chat that’s fully integrated with JSM, allowing service desk agents to handle requests in real-time. And these two apps are even better together.

Assets and Inventory Plugin for Jira

Assets and Inventory Plugin lets you keep track of assets and inventory in Jira and link assets with issues in Jira Service Management. You can control the entire lifecycle of your assets and inventory in both Jira and Jira Service Management.

Issue Matrix for Jira

Issue Matrix for Jira

Implemented as a Custom field, Issue Matrix is easy to configure and improves how Sub-tasks, Linked Issues, and Issues in Epics are visualized/ listed in the Jira View Screens. It helps both technical and business teams.

Create on Transition logo

Create on Transition for Jira

Enhance your Jira workflows by automating issues and subtasks creation.

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