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Review by Rodney Nissen: Power Admin

In this app review, Rodney Nissen looks at Power Admin and explains what problems it solves, and what makes it unique.

Jira admin’s guide to calculated custom fields and JMCF

Calculated fields are not your typical custom fields – they compute values on the fly instead of storing them in the Jira database. Learn how – and why – use calculated custom fields to accommodate the different project and departmental needs and boost user experience.

Jira 8 Administration Cookbook: Over 90 recipes to administer, customize, and extend Jira Core and Jira Service Desk

The Jira 8 Administration Cookbook includes a variety of recipes to help you manage users and workflows. You’ll learn how to set up custom forms and capture essential data with custom fields and screens. You’ll gain insights into the latest email capabilities and be guided through running scripts to automate tasks, get easy access to logs, and even work with tools to troubleshoot problems.

Power Utilities for Jira

Power Utilities for Jira lets you automate your daily operations with a curated collection of various Jira conditions, post-functions, validators, and JQL functions.

Jira Misc Custom Fields

Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF)

You can display information based on computed values with JMCF’s calculated custom fields. Create more useful screens, enable better search and filters, and build more powerful reports and dashboards.

Jira 8 Essentials: Effective issue management and project tracking with the latest Jira features

The Jira 8 Essentials book explains how to plan and set up a new Jira 8 instance from scratch before getting you acquainted with key features such as emails, workflows, business processes, and much more. You’ll then understand Jira’s data hierarchy and how to design and work with projects.

Jira Core 8 Basics: A Beginner Guide for Novice Jira Administrators

The Jira Core 8 Basics: A Beginner Guide for Novice Jira Administrators by Rynder Roy Klomp is a practical guide that takes a step-by-step approach to learning Jira. With it, you will quickly gain expertise in building your own customized Jira Core application through explanation and exercises.

Jira JQL Basics and Reference Guide: Everything you wanted to know about Jira Query Language but were afraid to ask

Jira Query Language (JQL) is used to search for Jira Issues containing specific information. This Jira JQL Basics and Reference Guide covers every element of a JQL search and will quickly get you writing complex JQL Issue searches (called queries). With over 1,000 comprehensive JQL query examples this 360-page book also contains numerous exercises to […]

Surveys for Jira

Surveys for Jira enables support teams to send, aggregate, and analyze survey data based on the feedback from customer satisfaction surveys for Jira. It is the most flexible and customizable customer satisfaction survey app in the marketplace to track customer satisfaction and feedback.

Power Actions for Jira

With a customizable toolbar to your issue screens, you can script whole custom screens in power apps Jira with Simple Issue Language® (SIL®). Jira custom screens allow you to add and remove actions, modify their order, specify whether a button should be available, hidden, or disabled; use SIL™ scripts to build forms for users to input data, etc.

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