Charts & Graphs for Bitbucket

Visualize team contributions, repository activity, commit history, and more with custom reporting for Bitbucket.

Source Editor for Confluence

Source Editor for Confluence lets you gain greater control over pages by editing, applying, and reviewing changes to Confluence page XHTML directly from your browser.

Retrospectives for Jira & Confluence

Retrospectives for Jira & Confluence is perfect for running effective Agile Retros in a remote setup with a convenient whiteboards template fully-integrated with Jira and Confluence.

Agile Poker

Agile Poker for Jira

This agile planning and backlog estimation app offers four different estimation modes to choose from depending on team experience and preferences.

Build Status Tracker for Confluence

Build Status Tracker for Confluence offers a macro to view builds within Jenkins or Bamboo and eliminates the need for status by providing a visual status update within your Confluence pages.

Snippets for BitBucket

Snippets for Bitbucket

With Snippets for Bitbucket, you can store and share your favorite code snippets directly in Bitbucket Server.

Pages for Bitbucket

Pages for Bitbucket lets you easily host websites directly in your Bitbucket instance and turn any Bitbucket page into a static website.

Planning Poker Logo

Planning Poker

An integrated Jira app used by Agile Teams to estimate the amount of effort required to complete a project

Crucible Review Hook for Bitbucket

Enforce, automatically create, and configure crucible reviews on a per-branch and per-repository basis with the Crucible Review Hook for Bitbucket app.

Pull Request Pro for Bitbucket Server

Pull Request Pro for Bitbucket Server lets you reduce context switching and show pull requests needing to be reviewed when there is a git push to your Bitbucket Server instance.

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