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Webhook to Jenkins graphic: a white gloved hand lifts a gold dome resembling the Webhook to Jenkins logo off of a dish, revealing a sparkling BitBucket logo

A refreshed and friendlier hook for your Bitbucket and Jenkins integration

A look at recent updates for Webhook to Jenkins for Bitbucket, including Token support for Git Plugin 4.11.4+, Direct Job Trigger endpoint, and UX/UI improvements.

Power BI Jira Connector

Power BI Jira Connector

For teams that rely on Power BI for business intelligence and reporting, Power BI Connector Pro for Jira allows you to bring in and report on Jira data in Power BI.

Crucible Review Hook for Bitbucket

Enforce, automatically create, and configure crucible reviews on a per-branch and per-repository basis with the Crucible Review Hook for Bitbucket app.

Yet Another Commit Checker

Yet Another Commit Checker app helps you enforce company best practices by installing and configuring this hook on a global, project, or repo level, providing high-quality commit history.

TFS4Jira Azure Devops Jira Integration

TFS4JIRA Azure DevOps integration

Integrate Jira and Azure DevOps by configuring a bi-directional live synchronization or one-time migration. Updates within the two environments will be available instantaneously by pre-defining rules and mapping field values.

Power Database Fields

With the Power Database Fields app, you can import and display data from any database in dynamic custom fields inside Jira.

Javascript Hooks for Bitbucket Server

With Javascript Hooks for Bitbucket Server, repository owners can create their own pre, post, and merge hooks by using Javascript.

How the City of Cambridge eliminates single-person dependencies in monitoring SQL databases

Learn how SQL for Confluence streamlines database monitoring to enable data status checks across an IT team at City of Cambridge.

SQL for Confluence

SQL for Confluence (Pro Edition)

SQL for Confluence (Pro edition) lets you bring live SQL data into Confluence so your team can safely access the data and information they need, right from your team’s central collaboration space.

Webhook to Jenkins for Bitbucket

Configure and automate workflow between Bitbucket and Jenkins, by setting trigger rules for code commits, merges, pushes, edits, branch creations and more.

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