Time to SLA

Time to SLA is an IT service management tool that allows teams to easily create, track, visualize, and report on service level agreement (SLA) performance in Jira.

Agile Poker

Agile Poker for Jira

This agile planning and backlog estimation app offers four different estimation modes to choose from depending on team experience and preferences.

Timesheets for Jira

From a single view, Timesheets for Jira lets you enter time in Jira to create comprehensive time tracking reports to be shared across the organization.

Planning Poker Logo

Planning Poker

An integrated Jira app used by Agile Teams to estimate the amount of effort required to complete a project

Tableau Connector Pro

Tableau Connector Pro for Jira

For teams that rely on Tableau for business intelligence and reporting, Tableau Connector Pro for Jira allows you to bring in and report on Jira data in Tableau.

Reports and Timesheets for Jira

Understand how work flows across your teams with Reports and Timesheets for Jira, the all-in-one solution for simplified time tracking and powerful custom reporting in Jira.

Toggl Integration for Jira

For teams that use Toggl for tracking time, Toggl Integration for Jira provides an easy way to integrate Toggl with Jira to track time directly within a Jira issue.

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