The Best PPM show

The BEST Project Portfolio Management Show by Appfire

The BEST Project Portfolio Management Show by Appfire covers everything you ever wanted to know about PPM by talking with project management experts who’ve seen it all. And every episode is 10 minutes or less, so you can get back to changing the world, one project at a time.

A guide to Whiteboards for Jira, your ultimate collaboration app

Collaboration drives innovation and productivity, whether your team works in person or online. With Whiteboards for Jira, you can plan in Whiteboards and work in Jira while the apps automatically sync, enabling teams to work together digitally in a seamless flow.

Jira Work Management for Business Teams

Jira Work Management for Business Teams takes a hands-on approach to JWM implementation and associated processes that will help you get up and running with Jira and make you productive in no time. The book also shows you how to manage screens, field layouts, and administer your JWM projects effectively.


The future of PPM is with BigPicture. Unprecedented clarity of information, support for agile, classic, and hybrid frameworks, strategic alignment at all levels.

Comala document management

Comala Document Management

Add simple or complex review and approval processes to your Confluence pages and spaces. Create tasks, and receive notifications automatically.

Comala document approval

Comala Document Approval

Use Comala Document Approval to add simple reviews and approvals to your Confluence pages or spaces, so your team knows which pages have been finalized, and which have not.

Comala Document Control

Comala Document Control

Ensure your Confluence content is validated before publishing with Comala Document Control.

How to set up your HR document system with Confluence and Appfire

How to set up your HR document system with Confluence and Appfire

In our last HR-focused article, we discussed some of the pitfalls of traditional policy documentation and the general features and advantages of using Confluence and Comala Document Control. In this article, we’re going to explore some practical examples of what that might look like.

Comala Canvas for Jira

Comala Canvas for Jira

Plan, organize and triage your Jira issues visually with boards based on your own fields. Apply boards to any project or filter, and drag issues to move them through your workflows.



Appfire has two popular Confluence apps that help make your content easier to create and organize. In fact, our product Comala Boards is used worldwide to resolve both problems. Comala Lists uses data inside Confluence to organize your content into tables and lists. These lists quickly become useful access points for finding and referencing pages inside your spaces and help keep your spaces easy to browse.

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