Take your Portfolio, Product, and Project Management to the next level

With BigPicture, you can structure, plan, track, coordinate and report on all the work done by your teams, no matter what classic, agile, or hybrid methodologies they use. The system gives managers unprecedented clarity of information at all granularity levels, in all key aspects, including roadmapping, scheduling, resource allocation, and risk management. 

Key advantages include:

Powerful visualization and management capabilities

Build your portfolio-level command center. Visualize high-level data on initiatives in the form of a hierarchical tree, timeline, or a Kanban board, and manage them using nine powerful modules.

Cross-portfolio work

Build any portfolio structure you need. Collect and aggregate data from many different levels, track progress, and compose consistent reports.

SAFe® roadmaps

Create Roadmaps fully compliant with the SAFe® requirements. Plan Sprints, Program Increments, and ARTs. Set goals for PIs and sprints, as well as for the whole company or specific teams.

Last updated: 2023-03-21

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