Increase the organization’s maturity in Resource Management with Jira and BigPicture

Resource Management is a complex corporate process.

According to PMI, most organizations consider it the number one challenge they aim to meet. A survey conducted by PMI allowed to identify five maturity levels in portfolio resource management and provided an insight into the challenges that organizations struggle to meet when optimizing their resource utilization.

A vast majority of Resource Management issues can be resolved by implementing appropriate software tools. Those, however, generate new risks and challenges and – at some point – require well-established processes and accurate data for proper functioning.

This white paper is a guide to a successful implementation of portfolio-level Resource Management through BigPicture and Jira. It is intended to help you develop and streamline your organization’s processes and increase its resource management capabilities.

This white paper consists of 13 pages.

Last updated: 2022-11-22

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