Quality management

The Challenge

Can collaborative documentation work in a quality management environment?

Effective quality management requires rigid adherence to standard procedures, as well as responsible reporting practices. These strict requirements run counter to the philosophy of modern collaborative documentation, which prizes openness and frictionless publishing.

For managers looking to embrace the power of modern documentation systems, the specter of losing control of their carefully planned validation procedures is often a deterrent to adopting popular tools like Atlassian’s Confluence. The importance of quality management means that validation and control can’t be left to chance, and therefore Confluence needs to be extended with an add-on in order to be effectively deployed.

The Solution

Appfire apps promote quality management

Thankfully, just such an add-on exists. Comala Document Management marries the powerful documentation engine of Confluence with review and approval processes, giving teams and managers more control over their content. Completely custom workflows can be developed to replicate existing business practices, and those workflows can be repeated across multiple pages or even entire instances.

Last updated: 2023-01-24

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