The challenge

How Can I Make Confluence Content Easier to Create and Organize?

Confluence is an amazing tool for creating knowledge bases, wikis, and other documentation projects. However, as powerful as it is, many organizations still run into two common roadblocks when trying to use it:

  1. How can we organize our content in Confluence?
  2. How can I quickly populate my Spaces with content?

As seasoned users know, a Confluence instance must have adequate organizational guidelines to avoid falling into chaos. Too many organizations have seen their Confluence instances grow out of control, and it is a costly and time-consuming effort to add structure to the content after the fact.

While having an instance that has grown unwieldy is a problem, so too is the issue of not having enough content. Often teams can be paralyzed looking at an empty Confluence instance, needing help knowing where to begin or how to structure their content logically.

Thankfully, visualization tools exist that resolves both of these issues.

The solution

Appfire apps fuel visualization

Appfire has two popular Confluence apps that help make your content easier to create and organize. In fact, our product Comala Boards is used worldwide to resolve both problems. Boards’ easy-to-use interface allows you to create visual boards right inside your pages. These boards are commonly used as a tool for grouping similar pages together. Another function of the add-on is to quickly populate spaces with pages. You can create a board with cards denoting the various pages you wish to create, and then when you’re ready to proceed, you can quickly create all the pages in a matter of minutes.

But Comala Boards isn’t the only app Appfire has developed to organize content. Comala Lists uses data inside Confluence to organize your content into tables and lists. These lists quickly become useful access points for finding and referencing pages inside your spaces and help keep your spaces easy to browse.

Want to bring this kind of ease of use and organization to your company? Try our apps. Visit us on the Marketplace for more information.

Last updated: 2023-03-21

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