Illustration of collaboration using a wiki

How to organize your Wiki to reduce maintenance and increase content creation

In this article, Gorka Puente details how to set up and use a corporate wiki for collaboration. Learn to map out the initial structure and organize your wiki.

Script Recipes

Display the number of test cases linked to each issue

You want to ensure your team is delivering the best software possible. This can’t be done without a proper QA process. But to get Jira to support test case management, you have to create the right workflow to help your software development process run smoothly. One very helpful automation to start with is to display the number of test cases linked to each issue. 

Document management and MultiExcerpt integration

Simplifying document management with Comala Document Management and MultiExcerpt

Confluence document management can make or break your customer experience. But managing your Confluence documentation so content is consistently approved, current, and trustworthy, can be a challenge, especially if you have a big team. The right tools can help.

Dashboard Hub: Confluence Macros

Confluence improves collaboration, communication, and knowledge transfer, and that is why many teams rely on this tool to create reports where they visualize relevant data. This is where the new Dashboard Hub macro for Confluence comes in to help teams take their Confluence documents and reports to the next level.

How to structure Atlassian Confluence for success

In this on-demand Livestream recording, learn how to structure spaces, page trees, and pages so people can find what they need in Confluence. Hear from experts on this deep dive into successfully organizing your Confluence site.

A look inside the Confluence Cloud Editor

A look inside the Confluence Cloud Editor

This video shows how to build a project plan page in Confluence using the Confluence Cloud Editor.

Source Editor for Confluence

Source Editor for Confluence lets you gain greater control over pages by editing, applying, and reviewing changes to Confluence page XHTML directly from your browser.

The ultimate Atlassian tips and tricks ebook

Among these 14 tips and tricks for Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket you will discover at least a few new ways to save time and automate admin work – whether you’re a seasoned Admin or you’re brand new to the Atlassian ecosystem.

The guide to improving your Confluence pages with image sliders

Image sliders are a staple of web pages, but they’re typically used in marketing contexts and not frequently associated with technical or procedural documentation. Image Slider app from Appfire helps you make your Confluence pages more visual.

Markdown Extensions for Confluence

Embed Markdown directly on your Confluence pages and pull in content from multiple sources.

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