Advanced Tables for Confluence

Share essential data with your team in beautiful, functional Confluence tables

Advanced Tables for Confluences lets you create your own tables or bring in external data to share in Confluence tables with advanced features and formatting.

It includes flexible macros that enhance the native functionality of Confluence tables. These macros take your tables to the next level with filtering, column totaling, exporting, custom styling, and more. You can also import, format, and share external data like CSV and JSON. And have more granular and expanded options for organizing and displaying attachments in Confluence.

Here are some things you can do with Advanced Tables:

  • Add column filtering to Confluence tables
  • Automatically total numeric values in a table column
  • Export Confluence table data
  • Import data from a CSV file into a Confluence table
  • Add JSON data to a Confluence table
  • Organize Confluence attachments based on labels, pages, spaces, and other criteria

Last updated: 2023-07-31

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