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Atlassian CLI Master Class with Michael Kuhl of Appfire

Atlassian CLI Master Class

This master class offers hands-on training to help you become an expert in the Atlassian Command Line Interface (“ACLI”) and use Jira more productively.


Accelerating innovation: How DevOps and value stream mapping combine forces

How do we fuel its fiery engine of productivity, while unlocking the full potential of automation and tooling? In this article, I share how organizations aspiring to achieve top-tier performance have no alternative but to embrace DevOps methodologies. How the tools you choose can strengthen or weaken your competitive advantage. And how value stream mapping and telemetry can help you take your DevOps to the next level.

Webhook to Jenkins graphic: a white gloved hand lifts a gold dome resembling the Webhook to Jenkins logo off of a dish, revealing a sparkling BitBucket logo

A refreshed and friendlier hook for your Bitbucket and Jenkins integration

A look at recent updates for Webhook to Jenkins for Bitbucket, including Token support for Git Plugin 4.11.4+, Direct Job Trigger endpoint, and UX/UI improvements.

Dashboard Hub Guide

The guide to building better Jira dashboards with Dashboard Hub

Dashboard Hub lets you create custom charts for your reporting needs and solve the lack of customization in Jira chart gadgets. It also allows you to connect your dashboard to other Atlassian apps such as Bitbucket, Confluence, or external Jira instances.

Checklist: Is your business ready for Atlassian Cloud?

This migration checklist will help make you aware of your current state of preparedness and key areas to consider in order to ensure a smooth cloud migration, with minimal impact on operational continuity.

Charts & Graphs for Bitbucket

Visualize team contributions, repository activity, commit history, and more with custom reporting for Bitbucket.

The hero’s guide to Atlassian management

This quick guide for the busy Atlassian manager gives you the insights and knowledge needed to become your company’s hero.

The ultimate Atlassian tips and tricks ebook

Among these 14 tips and tricks for Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket you will discover at least a few new ways to save time and automate admin work – whether you’re a seasoned Admin or you’re brand new to the Atlassian ecosystem.

Building software at scale with SAFe® and Atlassian tools

The choice of tooling is a crucial part of any SAFe® implementation. In this white paper, you will learn more about tool customization and extensions, Atlassian software best practices, outcomes and adoption tips, and more.

A practical guide for working with ITIL® 4 and Atlassian

This guide will help you get started on your agile journey. Learn about the eight activities that high-velocity IT teams usually employ, as well as tips from the Atlassian Team Playbook for improving ITSM agility and collaboration.

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