The ultimate guide to Agile estimation, from planning poker to bucket sizing

Without an accurate estimate, it’s impossible for your agile team to know if your project is on schedule or if the proposed schedule is even realistic. In this guide, you’ll learn about four methods for estimating the amount of work involved in a particular task or story.

Top 5 Planning Poker Tools

Top 5 online planning poker tools for your Agile team

Discover five planning poker tools that can help your agile team estimate work quickly and accurately.

A new way of async sessions invitations and notifications – Slack integration with Agile Poker

Learn how to inform your teammates about a new async estimation session in a time-saving way. Integrate Slack with Agile Poker to have everything at your fingertips.

How to use Priority Planning Poker in the Agile Poker app

See how the Priority Planning Poker methodology can help you make transparent group decisions on what to work on in your next sprint.

Story Points. Friend or foe?

In this piece, Appfire’s Lex Kovalenko explains and reconsiders the concept of Story Points, a widely used approach to Agile project estimation, and suggests Relative estimation for Agile teams.

Agile Poker

Agile Poker for Jira

This agile planning and backlog estimation app offers four different estimation modes to choose from depending on team experience and preferences.

Review by Rodney Nissen: Agile Poker for Jira

In this app review, Rodney Nissen covers Agile Poker for Jira by Appfire in depth, illustrating how teams can use different modes depending on their preferred estimation method.

The evolution of Planning Poker: How to adopt various estimation techniques

This article explains Hybrid Poker, a concept that some Agile Poker users call the next step in Planning Poker evolution – the hybrid of Asynchronous and classic interactive Planning Poker.

What’s new in Agile Poker for Jira Data Center

Check out Agile Poker’s new updates for Jira Data Center users.

Planning Poker vs. Relative Methods: Which agile estimation technique is best for your team?

This article explains Planning Poker, how it works, and the advantages and disadvantages of using it. It also explains Relative Mode and why teams should consider it an alternative agile estimation method.

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