The future of PPM is with BigPicture. Unprecedented clarity of information, support for agile, classic, and hybrid frameworks, strategic alignment at all levels.

Implementing SAFe® with BigPicture: Part III

This white paper walks you through the configuration of Jira and BigPicture, where step by step, you will get all the required information to set you ready for the transition.

Project and Portfolio Resource Management in BigPicture

This white paper is a guide to a successful implementation of portfolio-level Resource Management through BigPicture and Jira. It is intended to help you develop and streamline your organization’s processes and increase its resource management capabilities.

How to navigate scaled agile using SAFe, Jira Align & Marketplace Apps

Scaling Agile has become increasingly critical for businesses who want to survive and thrive in a time of uncertainty. In this recorded webinar, a panel of experts talks about how to embrace this initiative, and what solutions might be a best fit for your company.

Implementing SAFe® with BigPicture: Part II

In this white paper, you will learn how BigPicture supports work velocity, cross-team alignment, and risk mitigation during the execution phase of a SAFe® Program Increment.

Backwards planning in BigPicture

This white paper outlines successful backwards planning implementation for end-date-dependable processes.

Effective PPM in the face of Atlassian’s journey to Cloud

Do you know what implications migration to the cloud decision will have on users like you? How to prepare for migration and what support you can expect? This white paper is packed with in-depth information to give you the best outlook on this new situation.

Implementing SAFe® with BigPicture: Part I

When planning a Program Increment implementation, it is worth checking that you have all necessary tools available and a suitable environment built to execute your plan successfully. In this paper, you’ll learn about the pre-configuration mode, where step by step, you will gain all the required information to set you ready for the transition.

A practical guide to scaling Agile with Jira & Jira Align

In this white paper by Cprime, you will learn about the different options for scaling including Jira, Jira with add-ons, and optimizing Jira to integrate with Jira Align to support your needs.

Ten decisions to make before migrating to Atlassian Cloud

Migrating your Atlassian instance(s) can be a daunting task, particularly if you don’t have a solid plan in place. Organizations need to thoroughly address many key considerations prior to a Cloud migration, and make decisions.

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