Free guide: Six automation strategies for Jira that’ll make you happy

If you like making work fast and easy, we’ve got a guide for you! It’s called Six automation strategies for Jira that’ll make you (and your team) happy. The guide has examples and use cases for specific types of teams — software development (for Jira Software), ITSM (for Jira Service Management), and business teams (for Jira Work Management) — but the strategies apply to all sorts of teams… Even teams that don’t use Jira can benefit from some of these ideas.

Atlassian CLI Master Class with Michael Kuhl of Appfire

Atlassian CLI Master Class

This master class offers hands-on training to help you become an expert in the Atlassian Command Line Interface (“ACLI”) and use Jira more productively.

Accelerate instance cleanup

How a Sys Engineer helped a global leader in home security and automation reduce time spent on instance cleanup by 50%

“Jira and Confluence CLI are power tools keeping you from doing routine tasks or ad hoc projects involving manual repetition. I wouldn’t be able to do certain tasks if those tools didn’t exist.” Darryl Lee, Sr. Atlassian Systems Engineer The challenge We’ve all seen it: as projects evolve and teams grow, Jira instances accumulate more […]

Tame the data chaos

Jira is widely used to optimize key initiatives and processes across a business. But administrators face challenges in managing years of data and manual processes that can lead to unnecessary system downtime and long hours of work. Join Kelsey LaMastres & Amelie Winkler as they provide practical tips and tools to maintain Jira’s health and […]

The Why and How of Using Confluence for Documentation

The why and how of using Confluence for documentation

Explore all the things to keep in mind when using Confluence for documentation, how to do it successfully, and how to customize your Confluence with Appfire.

How to add users to your Jira account using ACLI

How to add users in bulk to your Jira account using Atlassian CLI

Adding new users to your Jira account one at a time is time consuming and tedious. Get there faster using ACLI to do the heavy lifting. 

Taking the grind and complexity out of Jira workflows

From intuitive point-and-click workflow solutions, to more customized scripted automation, this demo session shows you how to select what works best for your team, to finally banish the tedium and repetition of manual workflows.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Jira Command Line Interface

Jira Command Line Interface (CLI) uses text commands to automate complex processes in Jira. It removes the tedious, error-prone nature of numerous administrative tasks by automating processes and high-volume operations.

“Explain Like I’m Cody”: Interview with Michael Kuhl

In this super-quick and easily consumed video, Appfire’s in-house top expert Michael Kuhl gives Cody Wooten – and the viewer – a quick tip on Atlassian CLI to perform simple one-sentence commands.

How a Jira admin saves time by automating repetitive tasks with CLI

Being a busy admin within a large organization, Peter Macdonald at a large government agency knew he needed to automate repetitive tasks to save time. Read how he automated the user authorization process and merged two Jira instances into a third one.

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