Atlassian CLI Master Class

This master class offers hands-on training to help you become an expert in the Atlassian Command Line Interface (“ACLI”) and use Jira more productively.

Jira Command Line Interface

Jira Command Line Interface (CLI) uses text commands to automate complex processes in Jira. It removes the tedious, error-prone nature of numerous administrative tasks by automating processes and high-volume operations.

“Explain Like I’m Cody”: Interview with Michael Kuhl

In this super-quick and easily consumed video, Appfire’s in-house top expert Michael Kuhl gives Cody Wooten – and the viewer – a quick tip on Atlassian CLI to perform simple one-sentence commands.

How a Jira admin saves time by automating repetitive tasks with CLI

Being a busy admin within a large organization, Peter Macdonald at a large government agency knew he needed to automate repetitive tasks to save time. Read how he automated the user authorization process and merged two Jira instances into a third one.

Automate your daily grind with Atlassian CLI

See how 15 minutes with Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) will save you 15 minutes or more every day.

Update cloned issues with data from external sources

Here is how one of Appfire’s customers – a cybersecurity firm – uses Jira CLI and Clone Plus for Jira to bulk clone and update issues. For advanced users.

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