Dashboard Hub: Confluence Macros

Confluence improves collaboration, communication, and knowledge transfer, and that is why many teams rely on this tool to create reports where they visualize relevant data. This is where the new Dashboard Hub macro for Confluence comes in to help teams take their Confluence documents and reports to the next level.

Is “Dark mode” better for your eye health? Which mode is better for work efficiency?

What are the usability and visual differences of Dark mode compared to Light mode? What’s better for your health? Read this to learn more.

Dashboard Hub for Confluence – Reports & Charts

Dashboard Hub for Confluence offers pre-defined templates, custom charts, and over 60 gadgets to report your ITSM/DevOps metrics.

Dashboard Hub for Jira and Confluence now available for Data Center

Dashboard Hub is now available for Data Center instances (Jira and Confluence).

Centralizing your data through Dashboards in Jira and Confluence

Centralizing key metrics in a single display provides you with a bird’s eye view of what is happening in your organization, plus saves you the inconvenience of jumping between platforms to check on the status of your projects and teams. Here is how to do it.

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