The guide to building better Jira dashboards with Dashboard Hub

Dashboard Hub lets you create custom charts for your reporting needs and solve the lack of customization in Jira chart gadgets. It also allows you to connect your dashboard to other Atlassian apps such as Bitbucket, Confluence, or external Jira instances.

Dashboard Hub for Jira – Reports & Charts

Dashboard Hub for Jira offers pre-defined templates, custom charts, and +60 gadgets to report your ITSM or DevOps metrics. It lets you create custom charts and even connect to data in other Atlassian apps such as Bitbucket, Confluence, or external Jira instances.

How Success Solutions saves 150+ hours with customer dashboards in JSM

Learn how with Dashboard Hub for Jira – Reports & Charts, Erika Nemcokova, Support Manager at Success Solutions, quickly builds customized reports to share them with customers for full transparency.

Dashboard Hub integrations

Learn about Dashboard Hub’s core functionality to connect a dashboard to other products in the Atlassian ecosystem, such as Confluence, Bitbucket, and many more.

The Jira project tracking and reporting dynamic duo: Dashboard Hub + Projectrak

Teams rely on Jira and Jira Service Management to manage work across their organizations. With Dashboard Hub and Projectrak integration, you can pull project-level data into gadgets and dashboards in Dashboard Hub to share critical business insights across your organization.

Customizing Dashboard Hub charts with date and time fields

Imagine you need to display the total time your teammates estimated for a given project. Dashboard Hub gives you an easy ability to use data and time fields to build better dashboards.

Dashboard Hub for Jira and Confluence now available for Data Center

Dashboard Hub is now available for Data Center instances (Jira and Confluence).

Guest Post: A Jira Dashboard for Samurais

In this article learn what Jira Samurais use to build their dashboards.

Dashboard external share: Secure links to share your Jira and Confluence reports

Centralizing key metrics in a single display provides you with a bird’s eye view of what is happening in your organization, plus saves you the inconvenience of jumping between platforms to check on the status of your projects and teams. Here is how to do it.

The origin of Dashboard Hub: Atlasboard

Let us show you what inspired us to work on the amazing world of charts, metrics, reports, and dashboards.

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