The guide to improving Jira visualization with Issue Matrix

The Issue Matrix app gives Jira’s main screen a facelift. In this guide, you’ll learn how Issue Matrix improves the main issue screen with better visualization to make it more user-friendly.

Issue Matrix for Jira

Issue Matrix for Jira

Implemented as a Custom field, Issue Matrix is easy to configure and improves how Sub-tasks, Linked Issues, and Issues in Epics are visualized/ listed in the Jira View Screens. It helps both technical and business teams.

Issue cross-referencing apps

There are many reasons to link issues, and many ways to do it. In this on-demand webinar you will learn about many of the key use-cases for linking issues and third-party apps that provide this functionality.

Transform your Jira Cloud visualization to save hundreds of hours for your team

Learn about the Issue Matrix for Jira Cloud, and how the app gives you greater visibility into additional information and fields about each sub-task, linked issue, or issues in epics without opening them individually.

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