Taking the grind and complexity out of Jira workflows

From intuitive point-and-click workflow solutions, to more customized scripted automation, this demo session shows you how to select what works best for your team, to finally banish the tedium and repetition of manual workflows.


JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows

Quickly automate repetitive business processes and manual tasks. Use the app’s flexible, no code configuration process to easily customize and deploy automated workflows.

Jira Strategy Admin Workbook

The Jira Strategy Admin Workbook will save you time, money, and frustration. This book offers recommendations from years of cleaning up horrible Jira configurations written by industry expert Rachel Wright.

Set required fields on your issues using JSU

Learn how to set up the JSU’s “Fields required” validator to ensure that all required fields are recorded.

A review of scripting & automation apps for Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket

This category report on “Scripting & Automation Apps” covers the key players, their market share, a model to understand the space, and a few use cases. It also provides a recommended approach and tips for best practices.

Copy attachments from one issue to another with JSU

See how JSU will save you time and effort from manual work by automatically copying the attachment from the parent issue to your team’s sub-tasks.

How automation makes us unstoppable

Learn from Rachel Wright as she shows real-life use cases and 25 ways automation can make your life easier in this on-demand.

How to get started with JSU preconditions in Jira Cloud

JSU’s preconditions allow you to execute a post function under certain circumstances. Here is how you can take advantage of it to create complex behavior on your post functions.

Automatically close parent issues when all sub-tasks are closed using JSU

Do you want to maintain consistency across projects and get a clear view of your team’s tasks? See how you can make your parent issue close automatically when all the issues in it are closed.

Automatically remove closed Epics from a Backlog with JSU

Do your Epics still stay on the Backlog of your Jira agile board after closing them? Learn how to automate the removal of closed Epics from the Backlog.

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