The ultimate guide to Agile estimation, from planning poker to bucket sizing

Without an accurate estimate, it’s impossible for your agile team to know if your project is on schedule or if the proposed schedule is even realistic. In this guide, you’ll learn about four methods for estimating the amount of work involved in a particular task or story.

Top 5 Planning Poker Tools

Top 5 online planning poker tools for your Agile team

Discover five planning poker tools that can help your agile team estimate work quickly and accurately.

Story Points. Friend or foe?

In this piece, Appfire’s Lex Kovalenko explains and reconsiders the concept of Story Points, a widely used approach to Agile project estimation, and suggests Relative estimation for Agile teams.

Planning Poker Logo

Planning Poker

An integrated Jira app used by Agile Teams to estimate the amount of effort required to complete a project

What is Planning Poker?

“What is Planning Poker?” Find out in this episode of The Best Project Portfolio Management Show by Appfire. Appfire’s own Agnes Józwiak joins Kerry O’Shea Gorgone to talk Planning Poker: what it is, how it helps agile teams estimate projects, how you do it, AND how it works when your team is remote.

Remote Agile Retrospective sessions in Jira with Whiteboards app

In this short interview with Appfire product manager Lex Kovalenko, Lex details how their team adopted the Whiteboards app to overcome the challenge of running retrospective sessions after going remote.

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