Power Scripts Master Class

This master class offers hands-on training to help you become a Power Scripts expert and use Jira more productively.

Ian Cooperman of Isos Technology on The BEST ITSM Show by Appfire

How did CBS Marketing streamline their promo spot production process?

“How did CBS Marketing streamline their promo spot production process?” Find out in this episode of Appfire Presents: The Best IT Service Management Show by Appfire. Atlassian consultant Ian Cooperman of Isos Technology talks about how CBS streamlined their promo spot production process to address gaps in functionality, and bring in processes taking place outside the system.

Taking the grind and complexity out of Jira workflows

From intuitive point-and-click workflow solutions, to more customized scripted automation, this demo session shows you how to select what works best for your team, to finally banish the tedium and repetition of manual workflows.

A review of scripting & automation apps for Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket

This category report on “Scripting & Automation Apps” covers the key players, their market share, a model to understand the space, and a few use cases. It also provides a recommended approach and tips for best practices.

Power Scripts for Jira

Power Scripts for Jira lets you tackle the most complex workflow automation challenges. It helps streamline processes in Jira with workflow process templates and Jira automation code. This app is for global enterprises demanding agility, governance, and security needs.

A practical guide to scaling Agile with Jira & Jira Align

In this white paper by Cprime, you will learn about the different options for scaling including Jira, Jira with add-ons, and optimizing Jira to integrate with Jira Align to support your needs.

Issue cross-referencing apps

There are many reasons to link issues, and many ways to do it. In this on-demand webinar you will learn about many of the key use-cases for linking issues and third-party apps that provide this functionality.

How to auto-create sub-tasks linked to parent issues in Jira

As a project manager, you want to save time and have better tracking by automatically generating a linked sub-task each time you create a new task. Automate this process using Appfire’s Power Scripts for Jira app.

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