Power Utilities for Jira

Power Utilities for Jira lets you automate your daily operations with a curated collection of various Jira conditions, post-functions, validators, and JQL functions.

Power Actions for Jira

With a customizable toolbar to your issue screens, you can script whole custom screens in power apps Jira with Simple Issue Language® (SIL®). Jira custom screens allow you to add and remove actions, modify their order, specify whether a button should be available, hidden, or disabled; use SIL™ scripts to build forms for users to input data, etc.

Agile Reports for Jira

Agile Reports for Jira offers software for analyzing the performance of Agile teams. From analyzing teams’ progress against planned work, to tracking the estimation accuracy trends, to predicting “when can we release?”, and more. It’s an all in one piece of performance analysis software helping Agile teams perform the extraordinary.

Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures

The Electronic Signatures app provides custom fields for confirming user credentials in order to protect your Jira records. The app is compliant with Title 21 CFR Part 11 which enables you to prevent unauthorized actions on the tickets using electronic signatures.

Easy PDF Word Issue Templates

Configurable templates to improve and customize ticket export to DOCX and PDF.

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