Field mapping in TFS4Jira

Jira vs. Azure DevOps: Better together

Some teams prefer Jira. Others prefer Azure DevOps. Jira shines as a bug and issue tracking tool for agile project management; Microsoft’s Azure DevOps helps developers bring software applications from concept to delivery. Given the complementary strengths of Azure DevOps and Jira, if you want to optimize collaboration among teams, the best choice is to use both.

How the American Academy of Pediatrics improved their Agile practice and became more collaborative with TFS4JIRA

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has been a loyal TFS4JIRA customer since 2015. In this article, learn how TFS4JIRA provided instant collaboration for the AAP teams executing daily tasks within TFS and Jira.

Integrate Jira Cloud and Azure DevOps with TFS4JIRA

TFS4JIRA integrates Jira with Azure DevOps, enabling users to synchronize or migrate data between platforms. This article gives you a run-down of some features that will help you get your cloud environment up and running.

The guide to Azure DevOps (TFS) migration using TFS4JIRA

Jira Azure DevOps / TFS integration and migration app – TFS4JIRA – connects two powerful solutions and links relevant tasks and projects based on the given context. This app does the job which normally requires long hours of consulting work.

TFS4Jira Azure Devops Jira Integration

TFS4JIRA Azure DevOps integration

Integrate Jira and Azure DevOps by configuring a bi-directional live synchronization or one-time migration. Updates within the two environments will be available instantaneously by pre-defining rules and mapping field values.

Migrating from Azure DevOps to Jira: CSV import vs real-time sync with TFS4JIRA

Learn why importing data from a CSV file is not an ideal process and how TFS4JIRA app helps you ensure that you don’t lose the essential data – such as the history of comments, hierarchical linking, and attachments – from your projects during the migration.

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