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User story mapping in Jira: a guide for remote software development teams

This article explains user story mapping and its benefits for remote software development teams. You’ll also find a step by step guide for creating a user story map in Jira.

How do I use whiteboarding for project management?

“How do I use whiteboarding for project management?” Find out in this episode of Appfire Presents: The Best Project Portfolio Management Show by Appfire. Appfire’s own Agnes Józwiak joins Kerry O’Shea Gorgone to talk whiteboarding: what it is, how it helps agile teams plan projects, how you do it, AND how it works when your team is distributed.

Whiteboards for Confluence

Whiteboards for Confluence is the online collaboration platform that adds a visual context to your work. This is the original whiteboarding app explicitly built for Confluence to ensure a native experience with no extra sign-ups.

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