ISOS Tech - Cloud is Now White paper

The essential guide to overcoming migration obstacles and accelerating your transition to Cloud

This white paper by ISOS explores the primary migration options—Cloud vs. Data Center— and what to consider when making a choice. ISOS takes a high-level look at the three top concerns that their clients have shared about migrating to Atlassian Cloud, as well as ways to overcome them.

Isos Technology Cloud Webinar

Cloud is now [Webinar]

In this Webinar, experts from Acceleration Economy, Appfire, Atlassian, and Isos Technology will share their Cloud migration experiences and expertise through the many organizations they support. They will touch on how you can solve current challenges and save money through well-planned migrations, while filling in gaps through integrations with Marketplace apps.

DevOps: The secret of many organizations

Is your organization struggling with going through the DevOps journey? Learn from our expert Julia Hall how DevOps and the right tooling can help strengthen your competitive advantage and build a strong, engaging and collaborative culture that will innovate the way your organization delivers customer value.

The roadmap to Enterprise Business Agility

In this white paper, Isos Technology introduces the Isosceles Agility Triangle™, then defines and explores people, practices, and technology as the underpinnings of business agility.

The five phases of enterprise agility

In this white paper by Cprime, you will learn strategies to avoid roadblocks and make your journey to enterprise agility more enjoyable. Plus, you’ll dive into enterprise product management software Jira and Jira Align and how it can assist your Agility Journey.

Accelerate your digital transformation with ESM

This on-demand webinar will show you the benefits of shifting from ITSM to ESM practices, and the importance of being able to scale while remaining agile and competitive—all while meeting your digital transformation goals.

Checklist: Is your business ready for Atlassian Cloud?

This migration checklist will help make you aware of your current state of preparedness and key areas to consider in order to ensure a smooth cloud migration, with minimal impact on operational continuity.

Is Agile dead?

Watch this webinar from the experts at Valiantys to discover the true meaning of Agile, see what successful Agile adoption looks like, learn more about the benefits of successful Agile adoption, and much more.

Getting the most out of your ITSM with Opsgenie and Jira Service Management

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Opsgenie can accelerate the speed at which your IT/DevOps teams acknowledge and respond to issues and get an overview of Jira Service Management integration with Opsgenie.

Five keys to strategic alignment and enterprise agility using OKRs

In this white paper by Cprime, learn more about OKRs and how they help businesses seeking practical tools for goal setting and strategic alignment.

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