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Accurately measure customer satisfaction with Surveys for Jira

Accurately measure customer satisfaction with Surveys for Jira

Surveys for Jira empowers Support teams, Managers, and Team Leads to adjust business strategies as necessary with insights to their customer/user feedback and satisfaction

Isos Technology Cloud Webinar

Cloud is now [Webinar]

In this Webinar, experts from Acceleration Economy, Appfire, Atlassian, and Isos Technology will share their Cloud migration experiences and expertise through the many organizations they support. They will touch on how you can solve current challenges and save money through well-planned migrations, while filling in gaps through integrations with Marketplace apps.

DevOps: The secret of many organizations

Is your organization struggling with going through the DevOps journey? Learn from our expert Julia Hall how DevOps and the right tooling can help strengthen your competitive advantage and build a strong, engaging and collaborative culture that will innovate the way your organization delivers customer value.

OKR for Jira demo

OKR for Jira demo

In this webinar, you’ll get insights into why big names such as Google, Twitter and LinkedIn adopt OKRs for maximum efficiency. They see the value in a goal-tracking system designed to ensure everyone is working together and working towards the right direction.

Automation strategies to scale growth in Jira

Automation strategies to scale growth in Jira

In this webinar, we will discuss how best-of-breed organizations increase their productivity and streamline Jira processes with automation. Learn how to reclaim your team’s time so they can do what they do best and make Jira work for, and not against your organization.

How to optimize your IT Service Management with Appfire apps

In this on-demand webinar, Appfire’s in-house ITSM specialists Onder Ozcan and Faith Nyamande discuss three common IT service management and enterprise service management (ESM) use cases, with practical tips and tricks on how to solve them.

Jira Service Management User Interface

How to set up omnilingual, omnichannel & automated Jira Service Management

In this on-demand webinar by re:solution, you will learn how to leverage several apps to simplify the job of Jira Service Management agents. Discover how they can talk to customers in real-time, no matter which language they speak.

Making the most of daily change management and large migrations using CMJ

In this on-demand webinar, Appfire’s Kelsey LaMastres demonstrates popular use cases for Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ): Migrations, Merges, and Daily Change Management in Jira. 

JQL Search Extensions demo

JQL Search Extensions for Jira demo

In this insightful demo, you’ll learn about all the fantastic capabilities of JQL Search Extensions for Jira and how to use them effectively to stay on top of your project management needs.

Taking the grind and complexity out of Jira workflows

From intuitive point-and-click workflow solutions, to more customized scripted automation, this demo session shows you how to select what works best for your team, to finally banish the tedium and repetition of manual workflows.

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