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How to add users to your Jira account using ACLI

How to add users in bulk to your Jira account using Atlassian CLI

Adding new users to your Jira account one at a time is time consuming and tedious. Get there faster using ACLI to do the heavy lifting. 

How to prevent a user from choosing an inapplicable support type

Consider this challenge: a help desk technician receives the request and classifies it by choosing a Component representing an impacted software application or business area. But the type of support available needs to be Component-specific. Here is how you can get this done.

Automate on-the-fly calculations, such as work cost estimates, in less than an hour

In your Jira projects, you might need to perform calculations based on data readily available in your Jira custom fields, yet, Jira doesn’t give you the ability to perform calculations. See how a calculation can be automated using JMCF – with step-by-step instructions.

How to create Confluence pages from Jira issues in one click

Learn how to give users the ability to build Confluence pages for customer issues automatically, right from Jira.

Set up a template to create multiple Jira issues

See how you can create multiple issues at once by setting up a Jira workflow template for an Epic, Issues, and Sub-tasks. It will take less than five minutes if you use the Jira Misc Workflow Extension.

How to auto-create sub-tasks linked to parent issues in Jira

As a project manager, you want to save time and have better tracking by automatically generating a linked sub-task each time you create a new task. Automate this process using Appfire’s Power Scripts for Jira app.

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