Atlassian Data Center: Advanced auditing

s guide covers the ins-and-outs of advanced auditing, how to integrate your Data Center products with some of the most popular monitoring tools, and tips and tricks for each of these monitoring tools to help you get the most insight from your data.

How to bolster your enterprise cloud security

Keep your company safe with 5 proven cloud security measures from Atlassian customers.

Creating actionable alerts to maximize resolution speed

This paper offers essential insight into how incident management alerts can be made actionable so first responders are better equipped to address incidents quickly and effectively.

Performance at Scale: 10M issues and beyond with Jira Data Center

In this paper, Atlassian discusses the challenges of a growing Jira Software instance and how Atlassian’s Data Center deployment option provides enterprises with a stable and scalable platform to combat these growth pains.

Evaluating vendor risk management

Businesses must adapt to new ways of thinking about data security and risk mitigation. Having a scalable, streamlined process for bringing new cloud vendors into your organization is key to making the transition to the cloud a successful one.

Scaling up, out and around with Bitbucket Data Center

Read this e-book to find out solutions to some of your most common challenges, like cloning large repositories, increased concurrent users or I/O bottlenecks and how Bitbucket Data Center helps you combat these challenges and scale with ease.

A practical guide to ITIL 4 in an age of agile

In this guide, you’ll learn eight practices typically used by high-velocity IT teams and tips to bring more agility and collaboration into ITSM.

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