Are you in a team of Software Developers preparing for your next software release? Managing the Jira tasks of your team members according to the plan is crucial. If you’d like to control the consistency and quality of your team’s work, one of the primary ways to do so is by ensuring all required fields are correctly recorded.

In the above video, you’ll see how to set up the JSU’s “Fields required” validator to automate this process.

For your convenience, the steps from the above video have been outlined below.

  1. Go to your project settings and click to edit your workflow. You can choose any transition you want to add your validator. In this case, we will select the “In progress” transition. Go to the validators tab, click add validator, and select the “Fields required validator” from JSU. Finally, click “Add.”
  2. Now you can configure your validator. Choose the fields you want to be mandatory during your transition and click “Add.” Here, we selected “Assignee” and “Due date.” Publish your workflow and start setting up a ” Software release” issue for your team.
  3. Fill out the issue summary for your release and click “Create.” Now, turn your issue in progress. Jira shows you an error message! As configured in your validator, Assignee and Due date are required fields to perform this transition. Add an assignee, set a due date for your software release, and check your automation by again putting your issue in progress. 

Last updated: 2023-01-24

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