Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to make your estimation session faster and much more convenient, and most importantly, not take up much of your precious time to invite participants? Our team has just come up with a solution.

We have been busy working on a new way of notifications and invitations to asynchronous estimation sessions over the last few weeks. You can integrate your Slack with Appfire’s Agile Poker app and receive all messages on your communicator.

Integrate Slack with Agile Poker

To make sure new notifications and invitations to asynchronous sessions show up on communicator, integrate Slack with the Agile Poker app. The integration settings are available from the session creation or configuration.

After your new asynchronous estimation session and its parameters are ready, or you’re already in the process of creating one, proceed to the gear icon in the top-right corner and go to the Participants section.

In the Invitation section, you can choose external channels to invite the participants to your estimation session. You can do it two ways: invite your teammates via email or Slack.

For now, let’s focus on Slack. You’ll be asked to choose your workspace and channels after clicking the Configure Slack button. Note that the initial Slack workspace integration requires Slack admin’s permissions. Remember to save your settings.

Once you connect your chosen channel with Agile Poker, you will see it next to the green tick. This will be the place where all the notifications will appear.

You can also consider adding a personal message to your participants underneath the invitation settings. This will encourage them to cast their votes on chosen Jira issues.

Please note that these settings will stay default for all new asynchronous sessions. If you would like to receive notifications on a different Slack channel, remember to update it in the settings.

The invitation will look like this on your Slack channel:

Remind teammates about the async estimation session deadline

Set up a reminder for your coworkers to ensure all estimates are assigned to Jira issues on time. Choose the date and time when your reminder should be delivered to your team. The reminder might be scheduled relative to the due date, e.g., “1 day before the due date”.

The reminder will look like this on your Slack channel:

Why integrate Slack & Agile Poker

Here are the benefits that make this integration so unique.

You can rely on automation

Instead of writing another email asking everyone to assign their estimates to Jira issues, do it with a few clicks in Agile Poker. The integration with Slack will let everyone know about the steps they need to take to meet their deadlines.

You can set it all up ahead of time

Plan out the work for your upcoming sprint and set up due dates when participants should assign the estimates for the async session at the latest. Do the same with reminders and a custom message.

You don’t need to remind everyone verbally about assigning votes to issues

Getting tired of delivering the same message several times? Not anymore. Reminders set up ahead of time will do the monotonous work for you and will be displayed in a chosen Slack channel at a designated moment. 

Your team will see notifications in one place

If you don’t like to have dozens of apps open but want to have everything at your fingertips, Slack integration with Agile Poker is perfect for you. This solution will keep all notifications in one channel for everyone in your team. No need to switch between apps; the red dot on Slack will let everyone know about the async session waiting for them.


Please help us grow the Slack integration with Agile Poker. Contact our Support Team if you’d like to expand the integration with other session types or integrate Agile Poker with other communicators (i.e., Microsoft Teams). We highly appreciate any feedback or comments that you might have.

Last updated: 2023-07-31

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