As powerful as Jira is, it is not always easy for some Jira beginners to start using it. Now and then, we all need a little help. Especially as your company adapts Jira’s usage beyond your software development teams to business users. In addition to making Jira work for their organization, Jira Administrators have another responsibility: training users to properly use it.

For those of you who have that responsibility, you’ll be excited to know that now there are additional resources available. Rachel Wright’s LinkedIn Learning courses can help you ensure Jira is fully utilized across different teams.

​Rachel Wright has many qualifications. She is an Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator, author, and coach. She is an active member of the Atlassian Community and she never shies away from offering a well-thought-out solution or practical advice. She is also one of our favorite people here at Appfire. Why? It’s not because she was kind enough to share her knowledge here, but because she truly understands all aspects of Jira usage, and most importantly, Jira users, from beginner level to expert. I have personally used Rachel’s resources many times – that’s what compelled me to write this post.

If you are a Jira Administrator, like most of our customers, you have probably heard about her book, the “Jira Strategy Admin Workbook.” It is an amazing collection of hundreds of recommendations, worksheets, templates, code snippets, and real examples to help you set up, clean up, and maintain Jira. Now, she’s added online courses to help Jira users as well.

These courses are free if your company is a LinkedIn Learning subscriber or if you have LinkedIn Premium, which includes LinkedIn’s entire course library.

If you don’t have access to the LinkedIn resources, consider Rachel’s workbook, or explore The Hub to learn more about all things Atlassian.

Last updated: 2023-03-21

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