Plan in Whiteboards. Work in Jira. They sync in real time.

Collaboration drives innovation and productivity, whether your team works in person or online. With Whiteboards for Jira, you can plan in Whiteboards and work in Jira while the apps automatically sync, enabling teams to work together digitally in a seamless flow. 

As your team collaborates in Whiteboards, everyone can visualize work during brainstorming, planning, prioritization, retrospectives, and user mapping. These are just a few ways the Whiteboards app can increase your team’s productivity. Let’s look at how the Whiteboards app can enhance your existing processes below.

Why choose Whiteboards for your team

Whiteboards provide a collaborative space where software and product teams can visualize their work using a set of powerful features and native Jira and Confluence integration. It provides all the tools to streamline collaboration, including:

Stellar Integration with Jira

With real-time two-way synchronization, what you do in Whiteboards is instantly reflected in Jira, and simultaneously, what you do in Jira immediately shows up in Whiteboards.

Real-time collaboration for remote and hybrid agile teams

No more juggling multiple tools! Collaborate visually in real-time, which makes planning a breeze. In addition, all activities are fully synced to your Jira tickets, and you can even attach your whiteboards to Jira issues.

Private & company boards with templates

Create unlimited boards to visualize ideas. Whiteboards comes pre-loaded with dozens of templates to support retros, planning, mind mapping, and more. For example, Magic Estimation template enables your team to estimate user stories on their whiteboard and instantly apply those estimates to Jira tasks.

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A practical application for agile and software teams

Empower your agile teams to transform ideas into action by adding Whiteboards to your Jira workspace. Whiteboards is an essential productivity app that transforms your team’s daily work environment into a meaningful, collaborative space.

The best part? Whiteboards is a singular tool that replaces the need for multiple applications, providing your team with a streamlined and central collaborative space where their best ideas can come to life.

Here are some practical ways to collaborate better:
Meetings and workshopsRun productive online meetings with your team in a virtual workspace: add visual context to planning sessions, daily stand-ups, check-ins, and workshops to make sure you’re all on the same page.
User story mappingVisualize your user’s experience: Place user stories along your customer journey and prioritize them into sprint or version swimlanes. Easily add and update user stories in Jira without leaving your whiteboard.
PI planningRun PI planning — the entire ART — on a giant virtual board. Work directly with Jira issues, display dependencies and epic links.
BrainstormingRun creative sessions and come up with innovative ideas. But don’t stop there: choose your next big project, create visuals to support your idea, then add new elements over time as you refine your plan.
Mind mappingEasily explain complex processes with visual mind mapping. Give your thoughts structure, then adjust your map as ideas develop. Keep everyone in sync.
RetrospectiveMeet with your team online to discuss what went well and what needs improvement, then set action items right away. Get team members involved in making improvements happen.
Risk analysisIdentify threats: assess the risk and its potential impact, propose preventative measures, then assign priority actions to your team.

Powerful features help you get work done

Tap into the powerful tools of Whiteboards for Jira and unlock your agile team’s potential. Built for Jira and designed for agile teams, Whiteboards provides the most supported collaborative experience possible.

Built for Jira

As Whiteboards is a purpose-built app with powerful, two-way integration that eliminates manual work, its features represent the most effective and complementary ways to integrate with Jira and Confluence. Whiteboards for Jira allows you to:

  • Drag and drop existing Jira issues, epics, stories, etc. — or paste the Jira link — to start working with all in Jira
  • Convert sticky notes into Jira issues, one by one or in bulk
  • Create issues and subtasks in Whiteboards that are instantly synchronized with Jira
  • Link issues and epics in Whiteboards using visual mode, and sync instantly with Jira
  • Edit Jira issues in a popup window in Whiteboards without leaving the app
  • Use easy update zones to drag-and-drop issues that update metadata in Jira for assigning issues, transitioning, etc.
  • Import issues automatically in response to a JQL search within Whiteboards
  • Integrate with Confluence: add a board (or part of a board) to your Confluence pages as a macro

“The fact that you don’t need to leave Jira’s space to actually create issues or manage the existing ones through Whiteboard gives you (not one but) multiple dimensions to manage and work on your projects. It’s definitely a must-have.”


Designed for Agile Teams

In addition to being a two-way integration app with Jira, Whiteboards is designed to be a single tool for all agile team activities, from ideation to planning and project delivery. The curated features of Whiteboards enhances agile teams processes and ultimately helps your team get work done faster. Some of the more effective uses of Whiteboards for agile teams include:

  • Draw diagrams using shapes, lines, arrows, and colors
  • Create and format sticky notes and convert into Jira tasks
  • Bulk edit, copy-and-paste and convert into Jira tasks
  • Use templates — predefined or your own — to run projects
  • Use multi-user collaboration to facilitate meetings and brainstorming sessions
  • Follow users’ cursors to see real-time interaction (or hide it)
  • Create unlimited private or company-wide boards
  • Share boards with guests outside your company
  • Import content — PDFs, videos, iFrames, etc. — onto your board
  • Set up voting, timers, comments, and email notifications
  • Enable grid on, grid off, or lock objects
  • Explore ideas on an infinite canvas, use presentation mode, or embed your board
  • Backup/restore, export, print boards, share, enable SSO

“Saves time, makes team collaboration more productive, …reduces distraction and stress from jumping to multiple specific task tools.”


Want to learn more? Watch this 7-minute video to get a closer look at Whiteboards for Jira.

Start collaborating in seconds with Whiteboards templates

Whiteboards for Jira comes with dozens of predefined templates for all types of team roles and agile events/ceremonies. Get started fast with templates for retros, planning, mind mapping, and more. Each template provides a unique opportunity to support a specific goal. Templates include:

Software Development


Check out the most up-to-date list of templates on or right in the Whiteboards app in your Jira instance. Watch this 7-minute video to get a closer look.

“There’s so much one can do with [Whiteboards] that one is immediately eager to use it. Be it flowcharts, journey maps, or simply jam sessions you can cover all your needs!”


How to get Whiteboards for Jira

Make the most of your team’s collaboration and productivity by adding Whiteboards for Jira to your workspace. To try Whiteboards for Jira and see how it can help your team, visit the Atlassian Marketplace or reach out to your Atlassian solution partner.

Ask your Atlassian solution partner about Whiteboards for Jira to get the most current promotion available

Last updated: 2023-07-31

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