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November’s one of our favorite months, because it includes Thanksgiving and National Cappuccino Day in the United States! If you’ve never tried it, a cappuccino is one of my favorite indulgences. It’s just espresso with hot milk and steamed milk foam. Simple but delicious!

Our recipe for The Hub, by Appfire is even simpler. We mix original shows, master classes, ebooks, app guides, and more into a helpful resource for admins, developers, ITSM pros, and anyone who uses Atlassian apps to get work done.

This month we’ve got new episodes of The BEST Shows by Appfire, a free guide for going Agile the right way, tips for optimizing your data center instance with the new Jira Guardrails, and more.

Appfire Presents the BEST Shows

We produce a suite of shows based on your professional interests: PPM, ITSM, Work Management, and The BEST Demo Show! You’ll find new episodes all the time, and every 10-minute conversation is packed with expert insights that will make your job easier.

Biro Florin of Jexo on The BEST Work Management Show by Appfire

How do I set up a leadership team or first line of management as a small team?

Biro Florin, founder and CEO of Jexo.io, explains how Jexo set up first-line management, established goals, guided the team to set their KPIs, and offers tips on how you can do the same.


How do I create custom charts and share reports with External Share?

Gorka Puente shows you how to create custom charts and share them inside and outside your organization with Dashboard Hub’s External Share feature.

Trundl's Daniel Alonso on episode 18 of The BEST ITSM Show by Appfire

How can non-technical teams use Jira automation?

Daniel Alonso of Trundl, Inc., explains how non-technical business teams like HR and legal can use Jira automation to streamline on-boarding, off-boarding, approvals, and more.

Adrian Pyne on episode 37 of The BEST Project Portfolio Management Show by Appfire

How can agility help remote and hybrid teams work better?

And on The BEST Project Portfolio Management Show by Appfire, Adrian Pyne explains how going Agile can help remote and hybrid teams to be more effective.

How to go Agile the right way (and avoid costly mistakes)

Free guide: How to go Agile the right way and avoid costly mistakes

If you’re thinking of implementing Agile at your organization, we’ve got a guide for you! It’s called How to go Agile the right way and avoid costly mistakes. This free, value-packed ebook offers expert tips on how to go Agile, and some advice for avoiding the mistakes other organizations sometimes make in the process.

Automation strategies to scale growth in Jira

Automation strategies to scale growth in Jira

In this webinar recording, Sergejs Cuhrais and Amelie Winkler discuss how best-of-breed organizations increase their productivity and streamline Jira processes with automation. Learn how to reclaim your team’s time so they can do what they do best and make Jira work for, and not against your organization.

Graphic depicting an increase in data center numbers

The Jira admin’s guide to optimizing your data center instance with the new Jira Guardrails (and more)

Keeping your Jira instance in check and healthy will help you grow your organization sustainably, with full transparency and easy maintenance of your work processes. Jira’s Guardrails can help, but there’s more you can be doing. Maria Timova of Appfire explains.

Dashboard external share: Secure links to share your Jira and Confluence reports

Centralizing key metrics in a single display provides you with a bird’s eye view of what is happening in your organization, plus saves you the inconvenience of jumping between platforms to check on the status of your projects and teams. This post shows you how to do it.

Make better decisions faster: Build critical BI reports powered by a Jira Tableau Connector

To deliver the most valuable reports, you’ll need to gather data from many different sources. For example, Atlassian’s Jira and Jira Service Management provide rich data on key business metrics, productivity, emerging trends, redundancies, and more. Connecting Jira to Tableau will help you to create reports quickly and easily.

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