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It’s National Dapper Your Data Day in the U.S.! (It’s a thing. A new thing, but a thing.) That’s good timing, because Atlassian Server end of life has put migration front and center for any business running Atlassian Server apps. And clean data is key to any successful migration! So if you need to migrate soon (and you probably do), we’re here to help. Visit The Hub, by Appfire for valuable guides, detailed articles, helpful how-tos, and more.

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Atlassian Server EOL

Ask the Experts! Appfire Q&A on cloud migration and Atlassian Server end of life

You’ve got questions about Atlassian’s Server end of life, so we rustled up some answers! To help you prepare for the date support ends for Server apps (February 15, 2024), we tapped Appfire experts, Jira migration expert Rachel Wright, and the information Atlassian’s shared publicly so far.

Automation decoded: Bridging fact and fiction

Uncover the true power of automation in the new research report, “Automation decoded: Bridging fact and fiction,” by Appfire and Isos Technology. Gain valuable insights from 200+ industry leaders, unveiling the reality of automation in today’s business landscape. Read now and discover surprising data on its prevalence, untapped potential, practical use cases, benefits, and obstacles.

What is knowledge management in ITSM?

Learn about what knowledge management is, the benefits of it within ITSM, process and Appfire knowledge management solutions on The Hub by Appfire.

Best practices and tips & tricks for new Jira administrators

Learn about all the best practices and tips & tricks you need to know as a new Jira administrator to make your day-to-day easier on The Hub by Appfire.

Rachel Wright on The BEST Work Management Show by Appfire

What are some best practices for Jira migration?

Rachel Wright answers some of your most frequently asked questions regarding Jira migration.

BEST WM Show S2E9 Migration Execution

Master these 3 important steps for a flawless migration execution

Jira expert Rachel Wright gives you insight into the three migration steps you’ve got to get right to ensure a smooth and successful migration.


Why you need to start planning your cloud migration NOW (and what pitfalls to avoid)

Paul Renshaw explains why you should start planning your cloud migration right now, and offers some advice on things to avoid in the process. Listen in for a seven-step process that will help you prevent migration pitfalls!

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