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This month we’ve got a Q&A with Appfire experts on the Atlassian Server end of life (and what it means for you), a free migration checklist, tips for measuring progress toward sprint goals, and more.

Atlassian Server end of life is less than a year away! Do you have your cloud migration plan ready? Watch the recording of our panel discussion with Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Eficode for insights on cloud migration and how to ensure a smooth and successful transition. Watch on-demand.

IT service management is evolving quickly, and organizations are investing heavily in this critical function. But what exactly is changing and what impact do these changes have on IT teams? How do things like a distributed workforce, tech layoffs, migration to cloud, and security concerns factor into priorities, investments, and decision-making for IT leaders like you?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please use this link to access the survey.

Editor’s picks for this month

Sprint burndown gadget

What’s the best Sprint Burndown gadget in Jira?

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure,” as the old saying goes. To keep your team humming along towards success, you need to measure progress toward sprint goals. Check out this article on the best Sprint Burndown gadget in Jira.

Jira migration checklist

Created by Jira rockstar Rachel Wright, this checklist is an excerpt from “The essential workbook for planning Jira migrations.“ Rachel’s expert advice will help guide your migrations using industry best practices and insider knowledge.

Jira Migration Best Practices

Ask the Experts! Appfire Q&A on Jira migration best practices

Jira migration can be a challenge for any organization. We’ve brought in top industry expert Rachel Wright for a Q&A on getting started and best practices for Jira migrations.

Atlassian Server EOL

Ask the Experts! Appfire Q&A on cloud migration and Atlassian Server end of life

You’ve got questions about Atlassian’s Server end of life, so we rustled up some answers! To help you prepare for the date support ends for Server apps (February 15, 2024), we tapped Appfire experts, industry professionals, and the information Atlassian’s shared publicly so far.

Appfire Presents the BEST Shows

We produce a suite of shows based on your professional interests: PPM, ITSM, Work Management, and The BEST Demo Show! You’ll find new episodes all the time, and every 10-minute conversation is packed with expert insights that will make your job easier.

What are some common support automations my team can use?

Jira rock star Rachel Wright stops by to explain project workflows that accommodate the back-and-forth nature of support work. We cover some default JSM service workflows used for service requests, and the statuses these include like: waiting for support, waiting for customer, pending, resolved, in progress, canceled, escalated, and closed.

BEST WM Show S2 E3 Amelie Winkler Automation

What is workflow automation anyway?

Amelie Winkler joins Appfire’s Kerry O’Shea Gorgone to explain workflow automation: what it is, how you do it, and how it can help you supercharge your team’s productivity.

How do I troubleshoot SLAs?

How do I troubleshoot SLAs?

Atlassian expert Rachel Wright explains what to do when your Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) results show inconsistent data or unexpected results. She suggests some things to try and ways to simplify queries and settings to get your SLAs back on track.

Rachel Wright on The BEST Work Management Show by Appfire

What are some best practices for Jira migration?

Rachel Wright joins Appfire’s Emily Peet-Lukes to address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Jira migration.

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