Today, we’d like to introduce you to changes, improvements, and fixes in Agile Poker. Read below to see what the Agile Poker Data Center team has worked on and is now available in the app. And then go ahead, get the new version, and test the changes yourself. Let’s get started.

Updating estimates during Interactive sessions

During Interactive sessions, users can update their estimates when discussing the final estimate. This option will be beneficial when some teammates change their minds after debating the final votes. It can also come in handy for users who just joined the team and under- or overestimated particular stories.

To change the final estimate, each session participant should navigate to the edit icon and update their vote. This action will be visible to all participants.

Agile Poker boards can be managed by Jira and board admins

You can now restrict the visibility of some of your projects in the Agile Poker app.
All board administrators can hide Agile Poker entry points from the board navigation. The entry points will not be visible for all board users, but once enabled, they will reappear on the board along with all created sessions and their progress.

As a Jira administrator, you can fully manage Agile Poker’s visibility on boards with the Visibility configuration page presented here:

Multiple session moderators

Whenever you feel like co-hosting your event, you can now invite several people to run and manage an online session with you. The Interactive session within Agile Poker supports multiple moderators who share session administrator privileges. You can continue your session while other scrum masters, project managers, or teammates can help you manage your board.

Skip voting button

We have introduced a Skip button to the Asynchronous session. The app will record it as an estimate without any value and will automatically recalculate the estimation progress. It will allow all users unsure of their estimate to skip the issue during an estimation session.

The user can estimate the skipped issues at the end of the session.

Triangulation priority

All participants can now see the most relevant references for the issue under- and overestimation thanks to the Triangulation priority option. It is based on issue type, project, labels, components, and reporter.

We hope you’ll find these Jira Data Center updates useful for your future work with Agile Poker. If you haven’t had a chance to estimate your work items with the app, give it a try.

Last updated: 2023-07-31

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