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Clone single and multiple issues into the same or different project

Quickly clone and customize Jira issues

Clone Plus for Jira allows admins to clone, bulk-clone, and customize Jira issues. The app’s versatility enables you to decide and adjust what’s copied from the original issue into the cloned one.

Bulk Clone up to 1000 issues at once

Jira admins use Bulk Clone to clone multiple issues (from the same or different projects) into a specific project as a particular issue type. You can use Bulk Clone to quickly clone a project, part of a project, or parts of different projects, potentially saving hours of work time. The Bulk Clone feature is available in Clone Plus for Jira Cloud and Jira Data Center.

Speed up operations with cloning templates

Clone Plus also supports customizable Clone Operations – cloning templates customers can use to speed up the issue cloning process. You can use Clone Operations when cloning single or multiple issues. They are especially helpful for cloning situations that come up over and over again.

In addition to Jira’s native cloning options, Clone Plus adds many powerful cloning features. Take a look at this comparison cheat sheet:

Cloning featuresNative Jira FunctionalityClone Plus
Clones an individual issueYesYes
Clones the following– Attachments
– Links 
– Subtasks 
– Clone sprint value
– Attachments
– Links 
– Subtasks 
– subtask estimates to cloned subtasks
– parent issue’s reporter to each cloned subtask
– Parent issue’s fix and affects versions to each cloned subtask
– Comments
– Worklogs
– Watchers
– Issues in epic
– Subtasks of issues in epic
– Subtasks’ estimates to cloned subtasks of issues in epic
Allows to clone in a different projectNoYes
Allows to change issue type during cloningNoYes
Edit during cloningNoYes
Clones multiple issues at once (bulk cloning)NoYes
(not available on Jira Server)
Cloning templatesNoYes
Data Center
Data Center
(included with Jira)
Free trial available
Free for up to 10 users on Jira Cloud
See pricing here

Last updated: 2023-03-21

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