Double trouble! Easily copy custom field value to linked issue

The developers here at Appfire are pleased to announce a new feature available on Power Scripts™ for Jira 4.1.1 and SIL® Engine 4.1.1, which allows you to copy a custom field value to a linked issue.

As any great Jira admin knows, the key to awesome task management is a simplification! Take a moment to think about how many of your day-to-day activities revolve around handling a number of issues from a single Jira instance; how can you make sure all these issues are updated in the most efficient way? Previous to our new feature, a Jira admin would have to update individual issues one by one with the new status – not the best use of time!

To speed up the issue updates, we are happy to introduce the new routine implementation Copy custom field value to linked issue/s (‘cpCfValueToLinkedIssue’). It enables a user to copy a custom field value to linked issues or by linking type.

The primary use case is the updating of custom field values for linked Issues (of a particular issue type). Essentially if the value of Custom Field A is updated, the same field in Linked Issue is also updated and vice versa.

Another possible use case is to update Custom Insight Fields for Linked Issues via workflow transitions (using Power Scripts).


We have also added support for the following global Jira events for the lfWatch routine. This is going to come in handy if you need to call an IfWatch routine for the following Jira UI events on the issue screen:

1 – inlineEditSaveComplete – if a user has successfully saved a custom field that this user was inline editing

2 – newContentAdded – when any content is added to the ticket

3 – issueRefreshed – when any change is made in the ticket that refreshes the issue (not a page refresh)

1. Install the latest version of Power Scripts™ for Jira. The latest version of katl-commons will be installed automatically. This is important that you have the SIL® Engine v4.1.1 because the functionality/code is there.

2. Following functionality is used: Issue linking

3. To use the feature, go to Administration > Add-ons and select SIL® Manager in the CPRIME TOOLS section. Then select the script you created earlier. Click Check and Save.

4.  That’s it. So when you update 1st Issue custom field with ‘BUP2’

5. The linked subtask is updated with the same value

And the TEST 2 Issue is updated with the same value

How to trigger a script during inline editing

  1. To create a configuration for inline editing you need to set up an IfWatch live field and SIL® listener. Every time when the live field is triggered, the hook.sil is executed updating linked issues with the same value custom field.

2. That’s it. Let’s remove custom field value on the inline editing mode

3. The linked sub-task issue is updated accordingly.

With our new Copy custom field value to linked issue/s and IfWatch routine, it’s never been easier to stay up to date and manage your multiple Jira issues with minimal fuss.

Last updated: 2023-06-05

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