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Appfire experts Tyler Woolstenhulme, Evn Tomeny, and Inmarsat’s Dan Tombs will show you how. You’ll see how Inmarsat, a leading satellite communications company, launched its Jira instance into space. If they can do that, imagine what you could do.

You’ll get an inside look at Inmarsat’s complex jumping-off point: a multi-cloud site ecosystem split into five divisions with different regulatory requirements and the need to keep Atlassian sites in line with the company expansion.

See how Inmarsat’s team powered through the three biggest challenges they were facing:

  1. Vulnerability Management
    Inmarsat shares how its team’s ongoing processes, their ability to prioritize, and cross-team transparency keeps them safe.
  2. Data Retention
    More data is not always better. Keeping your data lean protects you from vulnerabilities and ensures you stay relevant in search. Inmarsat cured its data overload headache by keeping its data clean, current, and compliant. 
  3. Policy Adherence
    “Organizations lose an average of $4 million in revenue due to a single non-compliance issue.“ – Globalscape
    To avoid costly errors, Inmarsat implemented guidelines, audit trailing, and a solid review process.

Appfire’s unique Workflow and Automation solution helped Inmarsat align priorities, remediate vulnerabilities, and automate redundant data processes. 

Watch this customer success story and learn how this easy-to-implement solution provides your team with everything they need. You’ll learn to automate processes, build with scalability in mind, elevate compliance and regulatory adherence, align priorities, and more. The products covered in this success story include:

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Last updated: 2023-07-31

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