Success Story - Workflow Automation: Increase company-wide visibility

Cprime licensing team automates processes and integrates Jira with Salesforce, improving cross-functional visibility using the Power Suite.

Ingrid Brock, Director of Licensing and Renewals at global consulting company CPrime, manages a team that captures new business opportunities, responds to customer tickets within Jira, and coordinates with different business teams from procurement to sales – all while working in Jira Service Management.

With the constant increase in the number and scale of projects, Ingrid and her team realized that continuing to perform tasks manually was no longer sustainable. The manual process entailed creating customer quotes using Excel and Tableau, approving them manually, and then uploading them into Salesforce to share the information with other business teams.

Manual life before automation with Power Scripts was painful. Large quotes could take up to 1 hour to create, and the team had to jump between Jira Service Management, email, and Slack to keep up with communication and updates.”
– Ingrid Brock, Director of Licensing and Renewals

With multiple tools and communication channels in place, it was difficult to keep track of the latest status without jumping back and forth between different tools. 

Tim Reiking, Senior Licensing Technical Engineer at Cprime, stepped in to help the team optimize their use of Jira. Using Power Scripts, Tim helped Ingrid and her team reduce their turnaround time from hours to minutes, streamlining the ticket backlog from 100 to an average of 45-50.

“It’s a game-changer. What took up to an hour before now takes 5-10 minutes.
Using Power Scripts,
we now hit a couple of buttons, and it automatically develops the customer quote and creates the opportunity within Salesforce for us.”
Ingrid Brock, Director of Licensing and Renewals

By standardizing repetitive processes, Power Scripts also helped the team reduce human error and increase accuracy on every project. Because Jira is their one-stop shop for all revisions, comments, and other information, the team can now easily find what they are looking for at all times.

Create Salesforce tickets from within Jira

Power Scripts helps Cprime push Jira beyond its limitations. Tim Reiking customized the Jira user interface to suit the team’s unique needs and created custom approval processes that assign tasks according to people’s workloads. The direct integration with Salesforce ensures all parts of the business are aligned. Particularly for teams who don’t use Jira as part of their day-to-day work, keeping both systems in sync is key to maintaining visibility and communication across the broader organization.

“It’s easy to jump into Power Scripts and get people onboarded and spun up. I probably could have come up with some kind of solution using other tools, but the behind-the-scenes management of everything would have been much harder to do without the Power Suite – and it would’ve been slower.”
 – Tim Reiking, Senior Licensing Technical Engineer

Leveraging Power Scripts, Tim enabled his internal teams to perform their daily tasks better and more efficiently. With the automation, customizations, and integrations he built, Cprime reduced time spent on internal training from weeks to days and empowered teams to find what they’re looking for in a self-service way.

Cprime has successfully scaled work efficiently, improved processes, made information readily available, and freed up time and resources to spend on the work that matters, all with a little help from Power Scripts.

About Cprime

Cprime is a global consulting firm, the largest Atlassian Platinum Solution partner, and a partner of choice for Fortune 100 companies. Their tooling experts guide companies to strategically optimize their investment in Atlassian products and tools leveraging thorough assessments, streamlined design, optimal configuration, and enterprise scaling.

Last updated: 2023-01-24

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