An easy, no code Jira workflow automation app

JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows can help you easily automate repetitive business processes and manual tasks. Use the app’s flexible, no code configuration process to quickly customize and deploy automated workflows.

Jira Workflow Conditions and Validators

Ensure your data capture and requirements are met with workflow conditions and validators, which prevent issues from moving to another status unless your desired criteria has been met ( i.e., the issue has an assignee or an attachment is present).

Jira Workflow Post Functions

Supercharge your team’s workflows with handy post functions, which run predefined automation when an issue progresses to another status. For example, close a parent issue if all the subtasks are closed or leave an automated comment on a linked Service Desk issue.

Jira Workflow Preconditions

JSU also gives you an easy way to control how your workflow post functions operate with preconditions – they allow you to execute a post function under certain circumstances. Watch this video to see a workflow automation example – in Jira Cloud – for budget approval.

Use JSU to quickly upgrade Jira workflows with your desired rules and apply workflow changes easily across many teams.

Last updated: 2022-11-22

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