Step up your monitoring game in your Jira instance with Prometheus Exporter Pro for Jira

There you are, about to enjoy lunch, mid-bite of that delicious BLT when your Slack goes off. You check the messages and immediately get flooded with:

“Why am I timing out on Jira?”

“What, Jira crashed?!”

“Why is Jira so slooooow?”

“HELP! Jira doesn’t work!”

The struggle begins! You talk to each person, trying to gauge the root cause, and go back to the system to see which reason has merit. After a few iterations, you maybe have an idea.

Inner dialogue: “What if I can not only get rid of the guessing game, but also help proactively manage our instance before our teams run into any unsavory experiences?”

It’s totally fine with Prometheus Exporter PRO for Jira. You’ll get an awesome dashboard with all the metrics you’d need to monitor your instance’s health. Let me show you.

All-in-one dashboard!

Perhaps one of the symptoms is the available RAM. Jira runs in Java Virtual Machine (JVM) with a default memory allocation of 64MB. If you have a medium to large instance, you’re going to need more. Even so, if you observe an increasing trend of memory usage, that would be a good sign for you to start increasing the allocation.

Maybe your instance isn’t getting enough juice and you would need to start pumping the CPU.

What about disk space? How many GB of attachments are your teams putting into Jira? Easy…here you go.

With these metrics, you have better insight into what’s going on with your instance. Do you see a consistent uptick in memory and CPU usage? Is there more activity (issues created)? You’ll be able to get ahead of these throttling problems before your users ever experience them!


Not only do you get a nifty dashboard, you can also customize notifications to Slack when an event of your choosing occurs. For example:

  • Too many users stressing out the system? Get a notification for that!

Jira went down? Here’s what a notification would look like!

Wrapping It Up

Take care of your instance, and your instance will take care of you!

Having better visibility into your system health and pinpointing problems before they become actual problems will be critical to the success of your teams. To summarize:

  • OOB dashboard with all metrics you need
  • Send alerts and notifications when and where you want
  • See problems before they escalate into huge fires

Last updated: 2023-07-31

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