Appfire’s Clone Plus for Jira enables you to bulk clone issues and make modifications during the process. In this guide, you can read about copying a single issue, bulk-cloning issues, and even set up templates to make duplicating issues easy.

Using the Clone Plus app, you can make modifications while bulk cloning issues. But what if some of your data comes from external sources?

In this case, to make changes to newly created issues, you can use another powerful Appfire app – Jira Command Line Interface (CLI). It will help you make this process more smooth and efficient.

Customer Showcase

Here’s how one of our customers—a cybersecurity firm—uses this powerful combination:

This firm works with multiple enterprise clients to conduct audits of their properties or resources. The audits follow complicated processes with many assessments and stages, and require specialized resources. Since the firm routinely conducts these types of audits, their Jira projects include all of the potentially relevant issues and tasks.

To speed up the process, the firm uses Clone Plus’ Bulk Cloning feature to bulk clone issues relevant to this specific client. Then, they use Jira CLI and a CSV list to assign the task to appropriate individuals who will be responsible for various areas of this specific client’s security audit.

This use is not limited only to cybersecurity firms, of course. This same approach would be highly valuable to law firms, marketing and PR firms, and many other companies that depend on different sets of assignees for different projects.

If you’d like to step up your cloning game, these two apps can help:

Last updated: 2023-01-24

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